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There is now an alternative with Satellite Broadband. This offers speeds of up to 20 Mb/s download and is not controlled by your local BT exchange or affected by how old the cables are or how far you are from the local exchange. This simply means you can have fast, reliable internet right now – and for less than you probably think.

Do you live in a rural area where broadband services are poor or unavailable?

Get online from £9.99 per month

Don't miss out on the broadband revolution

•  Up to 20Mb/s Download

•  Up to 6Mb/s Upload

•  UK IP Address

•  No Telephone Line Required

•  FreeZone with Unlimited Data

Why choose Satellite Broadband?

Using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, we can offer you fast broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located. You don’t even need a phone line!


You can share the service just as you would with wired broadband, using a conventional network or wirelessly, giving your computer or smart phone access to all the latest internet services and feature rich content.

Call now to arrange a free no-obligation site survey (direct line-of-sight to the satellite is required) and/or demonstration on

01685 864 048 07767 476 262

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Visit to view networks and tariffs.

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